About J&J’s Guitar Lab

J&J’s Guitar Lab is a side-project started by Jeff and John after years of discussing the construction of various guitars, and after playing around with test concepts for some time. The two of us share a unique interest in the art of building guitars (a guitar, or other stringed instrument, builder is known as a luthier), whether in the simplistic form of simple assembly of pre-made parts or the more esoteric and inventive form of building most structural parts from scratch.

On this website you will find documented reports from the workshop as we move through the various guitars we are building, as well as (coming soon) detailed instructions and in-depth how-to’s for the various facets of guitar building (such as choosing the right tools, basic guitar upgrades, and trusted wiring diagrams for electric guitars). The “Categories” navigation on the right of the pages will list individual projects or project collections – some of these are simply descriptions of completed guitars and a few are complete work reports recorded as a project evolves from conception to completion.

If you have any questions for us (about our guitars, about building guitars, or just about why we did something you found interesting), feel free to email us at projects at jjguitarlab.com and we will do our best to respond quickly. Also, if you have any requests for articles to be written, let us know. We’d like to know what you’re interested in as well.

Thanks for visiting. Check back periodically, as there’s always something new happening around here as we continue to explore and learn about guitars.

xrays (John) & mrkil (Jeff)